Our Team

Gabi Yeager

Gabi Yeager, MA

Hi! I’m Gabrielle. I have been a part of the Boise community since October of 2002. Before moving to Idaho, my parents were a part of a traveling ministry team. Because of their unique jobs, I had the opportunity to short-termed live in many different parts of the USA and Canada, including NYC in November of 2001. I come from an odd mix of life experiences and opportunities! I am the oldest of a household of 5 girls. To reward my father for putting up with our shenanigans, my parents own to male dogs that receive our undivided attention as often as we can give it!

Over the years I’ve had various jobs: radio DJ/Office assistant, rescue mission volunteer coordinator/addiction recovery RA, teachers aid during COVID, plasma phlebotomist, production assistant/stage manager for various music concerts and dramatic performances, and most recently billing specialist at a local health clinic.

After getting my Bachelors of Science in business in 2018, I spent a year in the corporate non-profit world. I quickly came to realize the lifestyle was not a good fit for me. So, in 2019, I became certified in Phlebotomy. I worked here at Alpine back in 2021 filling in for a time while some employees were out for various reasons. After they came back, I left for about a year and a half to explore the insurance world. I liked what I did, but missed seeing patients in clinic where I knew I could make a bigger difference. That’s why when Tami sent me an offer, one warm August day, I knew I just couldn't refuse. So! I’m back! I’m grateful I get the opportunity to work with everyone again and meet new faces. We are all on this journey of life, but I’m glad we have the opportunity to work together on your journey.