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All pricing is subject to change based on increased product or service fees outside of our control

Until now health and lifestyle management programs have been accessible only to those with the financial means or comprehensive insurance coverage. It is our goal to provide services at a reasonable cost.

We accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards, HSA and FSA cards.  We also use Affirm if you chose to pay monthly.

We do not bill insurance or provide superbills.

You are welcome to submit statements, receipts and invoices to your insurance for payment BUT we do not advocate, communicate, mediate or respond to insurance requests for information or records as this is extremely timely and increases the overall costs of care. We are not credentialed and are not a preferred provider with any insurance plan.

We offer Affirm Credit for those wanting a monthly payment option.

Office Visit

First appointment

  • $175 for 30 minute new patient evaluation.

During this brief visit we will discuss your goals and schedule the appropriate testing.

Treatment Plan Visits – 2nd Visit

  • $550 for 1.5hr Planning Visit.

We thoroughly discuss your goals, review your labs in detail, and you will leave with a plan in place.

Follow up appointments

  • $90 15 minute office visit or phone call
  • $175 30 minute
  • $265 45 minute
  • $350 60 minute

Please let the scheduler know if you are needing additional time so we can thoroughly discuss your goals for the visit.

Complete Hormones and Health Package

Regular Price $3500

We expect that most hormonal issues will take several months or more to get on track. Weekly email check-ins and monthly visits and follow up testing is to be expected. If you are not getting the expected results it is because each client is very individual and each therapy must be continually adjusted to find the optimal you.

Our goal is to educate and empower you to become intimately involved with your care. Be prepared to take charge of your health!

We offer a Complete Hormone and Health Package which gives you a large discount and access to all our services to optimize your health.


Lab work varies in costs depending on the need. We contract with our labs to get wholesale rates which is a fraction of the insurance rates so you are getting the best deal and there are no surprises. They will bill you directly for best pricing.

Minimally, we will need a New Patient male/female Blood Profile and a Salvia hormone for the initial lab work. IF you have not had basic wellness panels in the last 6 months we will add that to your blood panel.

We may also suggest Food allergy/sensitivity testing to get a complete picture of your health.

We also offer Genetic/DNA testing for lifestyle and medical genes, Lymes, Mold, Neurological issues and more.

$30 Blood Draw

$400 - $1000

Most initial labs

We do cash-only labs and you may submit the lab receipt to your insurance. Please note we are not in network with ANY insurance carrier.



We offer high-quality supplements which can be purchased in the office at in office or online!

Call SunFlowers Supplements at 208-917-4772


  • $35 Per 1 hr session
  • $150 Unlimited monthly


  • $35 Per 1 hr session
  • $150 Unlimited monthly

Hyperbaric Chamber

  • $35 Per 1 hr session
  • $150 Unlimited monthly

Massage Therapy

  • $125 60 minute
  • $187 90 minute
  • $250 120 minute

Lymphatic Massage

  • $150 60 minute

Evolve XL

  • $1800 for 6 initial sessions
  • $300 for all additional sessions


  • $1800 for 6 initial sessions PLUS a 6 month Maintenance sessions ( 1 per month)
  • $125 for all additional sessions after purchase of initial package


  • $3000 for 3 initial sessions
  • $3500 3 initial sessions plus 2 maintenance sessions

Injection Only Program

Includes 8 weekly injections and 5 minute office visit.

  • $105 B Complex - B12 – 5000mcg
  • $75 B Complex with 1000mcg of B12
  • $105 Lipotropic Injections
  • $105 Tri-Immune package of 8
  • $105 Vitamin D3 package of 4

We also offer other medically based injections

  • 20% Discount on take-home injections

IV Therapy

Please call for current pricing as prices are changing due to supplies increases and availability

ALPINE WELLNESS (208) 917-2772

IV Therapy