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At Alpine Wellness Clinic in Boise, we're committed to pioneering the path toward optimal health and vitality through innovative treatments like Myers Plus IV Therapy. Our holistic health clinic offers services for those seeking advanced wellness solutions, providing a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients tailored to meet our client's unique health goals.

With Myers Plus IV Therapy, we invite you to experience a heightened level of wellness, enhanced energy, and improved overall health, all administered by our dedicated healthcare professionals. Discover the difference with us at Alpine Wellness Clinic, and take the next step in your health journey.

meyers plus iv therapy

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What is Myers Plus IV Therapy?

Myers Plus IV Therapy is an elevated version of the traditional Basic Myers IV nutrient therapy, offering a comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients at concentrations higher than standard formulas. This advanced solution includes potent levels of Vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, and magnesium, among other key components, all infused directly into the bloodstream for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Administered in a clinical setting by skilled healthcare professionals, each Myers Plus IV Therapy session lasts between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the infusion rate and volume. Designed to support a wide range of health goals, from detoxification to enhanced energy and immune support, Myers Plus IV Therapy provides a targeted approach to wellness, catering to individuals with specific nutritional needs and health challenges.

meyers plus iv therapy

How Does the Myers Plus Differ from the Basic Myers Cocktail?

Myers Plus IV Therapy distinguishes itself from the Basic Myers Cocktail by offering a more concentrated nutrient mix, designed to cater to individuals with specific health objectives.

While the Basic Myers Cocktail is a general wellness booster, Myers Plus is formulated for more targeted benefits such as detoxification, energy enhancement, and robust immune support. This enriched version may require longer infusion times and, in some cases, more frequent sessions to achieve its full efficacy.

The increased potency and tailored approach of Myers Plus make it an ideal choice for those seeking an intensive IV therapy experience to meet their higher nutritional demands and address particular health concerns.

meyers plus iv therapy

When Should Someone Use the Myers Plus Instead of the Basic Myers Cocktail?

Opting for Myers Plus IV Therapy instead of the Basic Myers Cocktail is recommended for individuals seeking a more intensive IV therapy experience or those facing specific health challenges that demand a higher nutritional intake. Myers Plus is particularly beneficial during periods of athletic recovery, high stress, or when in need of enhanced immune support, offering a robust solution to meet these increased demands.

To determine the most suitable IV therapy option, we encourage consulting with one of our healthcare professionals at Alpine Wellness Clinic in Boise. They will assess your individual health needs and goals, recommending an effective treatment plan that may include the type of IV therapy, session frequency, and complementary lifestyle adjustments or supplements to maximize the therapy’s benefits.

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