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What is mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy – MHBOT?

We now offer a healing therapy called mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT). mHBOT is a relaxing, safe, and highly effective way to deliver more oxygen to the cells of the body to stimulate cellular health and regeneration, as well as increase the volume of oxygen in the blood. mHBOT also provides the optimal environment for the body to carry out vital cell processes and promote healing.

Alpine Wellness Clinic
inside our hyperbaric chamber

How does MHBOT therapy work?

During a hyperbaric session, the patient rests comfortably within the chamber. The atmospheric pressure in the chamber is increased while breathing 91% oxygen through a mask. The combination increases oxygen uptake to the cells, tissues, glands, organs, brain, and fluids of the body. These elevated oxygen levels can prompt a multitude of health benefits that culminate in a dramatic healing effect.

MHBOT Therapy Benefits

MHBOT provides numerous health benefits such as cell growth and regeneration, detoxification, immune support, new capillary growth, and improved neurological functioning that produce:

  • Can increase energy and endurance
  • Relief from altitude illness
  • Improved concentration and decreases brain fog
  • Effective treatment for digestive disorders and headaches
  • Promotes faster recovery from injury and/or surgery
  • Relief from aching, swollen joints and muscles
  • Can improved motor function and equilibrium
  • An overall feeling of healthy rejuvenation

Mhbot Therapy

$35 per session

$150 per month – Unlimited Sessions