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Teri Kiser

Teri Kiser – Artisan Accounting

I have a long history with Teri. I met her in 1991 in my first business, SandCastles Child Care. I helped raise her girls and we became very dear friends. She helped me set up my very first computer accounting program on my 6lb laptop computer… Over the years we have lost touch but thank God for Facebook we reconnect. Unbeknownst to me she had gone back to school – about the same time I had reenter school – to get her Masters in Accounting. Her specialty is in forensic accounting and boy did we need her help. Now she meticulously accounts for each penny and is the driving force keeping us going down the right financial road. I am so grateful for her friendship and skills.

If you need a great accountant – check out Teri at Artisan Accounting!