Complete Hormones and Weight Loss Program

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Our optimal health is driven by imbalances in our physical and physiological body as well as lifestyle and diet. We aim to bring balance to all which provides a wholistic balance providing long time results.

Research show long term hormone and weight management is a whole body approach. We see your body as a puzzle. One piece of the puzzle is rarely the reason why there is an imbalance. Finding and fixing all the pieces brings out optimal results in your journey to health.

We provide a variety of testing and services to define and treat each different part of your puzzle. This method brings balance and wellness to your journey to health.

Alpine Wellness Clinic

What to Expect from our Program

Our primary goal is help you improve your health, balance, optimize your hormones, and lose weight by making changes to your health, lifestyle, and dietary habits. Our program includes all labs, an initial visit with our health coach -Kelsee Barowski, and Tirzepatide which allows you to start on weight loss. Then planning visits and follow up with our health care provider – Tami Sandmeyer, NP to dial in on your hormones and health as well as providing educational information to support your lifestyle changes.

It's time to change your life!

  • Initial Consult
  • Set Goals
  • Labs
  • Planning Visit
  • Plan and Implementation
  • Monthly Follow ups!
  • Goals met and maintained

Program Includes

before and after female

With Health Coach:

  • Initial 30-minute visit with health coach
  • Fasting Labs
  • 60 min planning visit with health coach for dietary and weight loss.
  • 1st month Tirzepatide
  • Intermittent Fasting Book
  • Journal
  • (Then choose monthly weight management program)

    With Health Provider:

    • 60 Minute Planning visit for complete hormones
    • 1 Month 30 minute follow up visit3 Month labs
    • 4 month follow up visit
    • Final visit with future planning
    • 1 Myer's IV
    • 1 Shredder IV
    • 1 package of 8 B Complex injections
    before and after male


    Call to schedule a FREE staff Consult to learn more about our program and pricing


    Includes 1st month of Weight management program then must choose an add-on monthly WM Program ( Could link to the Monthly Programs you add as indicated above)

    ALPINE WELLNESS (208) 917-2772

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    Fasting Labs

    After a blood test to establish baselines and deficits, you receive an individualized weight management program.

    Labs give us baselines and helps identify the broken parts of the puzzle.


    • full hormones
    • Full thyroid
    • Adrenals
    • Vitamin D, Magnesium, Iron, B12
    • CMP
    • CBC
    • hA1C
    • Insulin
    • Leptin
    • Lipids
    • ApoA
    • ApoB
    • MTHFR Mutation
    • 98 Food Sesitivities

    FREE with Program

    • Monthly Inbody Testing
    • 1 Infrared Sauna session
    • 1 Mild Hyperbaric session
    • 1 Float session
    • 1 PEMF Session
    • Emsella Demo
    • Evolve Consultation

    ALPINE WELLNESS (208) 917-2772

    talking to a patient at Alpine