NutriGenomix 45 Gene Test

Optimize Health for the Athlete Brochure

Optimize Health for Overall Wellness


Nutrigenomix uses state of the art genetic testing procedures to analyze the DNA from a saliva sample.  Your genetic code is used to determine how your genes can influence recommendations related to weight management, body composition, nutrient metabolism and requirements, cardio-metabolic health, food intolerances eating habits and various performance-related elements and injury risks.

You will receive a 40 page book on your personalized results and recommendations to optimize your health and lifestyle practices.

Cost is $399 including the booklet.  Suggested Retail $499.  Price increase in January to $499 per lab.

Nutrient Metabolism

Do you need higher or lower daily doses to achieve optimal health?

  1. Vitamin A  1 in 5 people
  2. Vitamin B12 1 in 2 people
  3. Vitamin C 1 in 5 people
  4. Vitamin D 4 in 5 people
  5. Vitamin E 1 in 20 people
  6. Folate/MTHFR 2 in 3 people
  7. Iron Overload 1 in 150 people
  8. Low Iron status 2 in 3 people
  9. Calcium 1 in 6 people

CardioMetabolic Health

  1. Caffeine 1 in 2 people
    1. Will coffee increase your risk of cardiovascular problems
  2. Whole Grains 1 in 2 people
    1. Will eating process grains increase your risk for diabetes
  3. Sodium 7 in 10 people
    1. Do you need to reduce your salt intake to lower your risk
  4. Omega-3 Fats 1 in 2 people
    1. Do you need to increase your Omega 3’s to lower your triglyceride levels
  5. Saturated Fat 1 in 7 people
    1. Do you need to reduce saturated fat to decrease reduce your risks

Weight Management and Body Composition

  1. Energy Balance 7 in 10 people
    1. How many calories a day do you need to decrease to achieve weight loss
  2. Physical Activity 1 in 6 people
    1. Do you have to increase your physical activity to achieve your expenditure of energy goals.
  3. Protein 1 in 6 people
    1. Will you have a typical or enhanced fat loss results  a moderate to high protein diet.
  4. Fat 1 in 10 people
    1. Should you eat a low to moderate or moderate to high fat diet to increase weight loss and reduce insulin resistance.
  5. Saturated and Unsaturated Fats 2 in 3 people
    1. Can you enhance your weight loss by limiting saturated fates.
  6. Monounsaturated Fat 1 in 7
    1. Will consuming more monounsaturated fats help with weight loss and lower body fat percentage.

Food Intolerances

  1. Lactose 3 in 10
    1. Are you genetically lactose intolerane
  2. Gluten
    1. Are you at risk of having celiac or gluten intolerance based on your genes
  1. Fat 7 in 10 people

Do you require a greater amount of fat in your food in order to detect the taste of fats. Or are you a super taster and can detect the taste at a much lower level then normal

  1. Sugar 1 in 5 people
    1. Do you have a sweet tooth?
  2. Eating Between Meals 1 in 2 people
    1. Are you more likely to eat between meals even when not really hungry
  3. Starch
    1. Can you digest and metabolize starches appropriately

Fitness and Activity Goals

  1. Motivation to Exercise 2 in 3 people
    1. Do you find exercise and physical activity  a positive experience or difficult to become motivated to exercise.
  2. Exercise behavior 1 in 5
    1. Are you likely to engage in a physical activity.
  3. Power and Strength
    1. Will you excel at power and strength activities
  4. Endurance 1 in 4 Enhanced 1 in 20 ultra enhanced
    1. Will you excel at endurance activities
  5. Pain 3 in 4 people
    1. Do you have an enhanced pain tolerance
  6. Achilles tendon injuries 1 in 5 people
    1. Are you at greater risks for tendon tears