Tamara ( Tami ) Sandmeyer, MSN, FNP, NP-C

I came from a family who had a strong belief in healthy living and herbal medicine and with this background I had always secretly dreamed of helping others medically.  But more specifically, I wanted to nurture, guide, and empower people to become their own healers/or health providers.

My journey to becoming a Nurse Practitioner began high in the Sawtooth Mountains at Alpine Lake where I expressed my dream of becoming a medical provider to my husband.  He spoke only a few words in response “Do it – because the dream is not enough.”  So I spent 9 years in school and moved forward to providing a different kind of health care at Alpine Wellness Clinic.

After graduating, I spent a year working in hospice and was deeply saddened on how people actually die.  Congestive Heart Failure and Alzheimer’s topped the list of diagnosis.  Both of these illnesses can cause long, painful, debilitating deaths which greatly affect family and loved ones.  Is this the only option?

Then I was introduced to Anti-Aging Medicine and Optimal Wellness.  Finally, there were options and choices reducing the risk of developing these diseases and living optimally as we age.

At Alpine Wellness Clinic my goal is for all my clients to find balance in their lives in the now and reduce the risks for those terrible diseases in the future.  I am passionate about providing therapies that make a difference.  I will spend my nights awake trying to figure out each and everyone’s health puzzle and work together with to resolution and optimal health.  I am committed to making a difference where other providers have given up.  My knowledge and medical toolbox is constantly expanding as each client requires me to discover new ways of treatment.  

No one is the same and at Alpine Wellness Clinic we treat the individual!